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How often are departures? How long is the transit time?
On our main routes to and from Germany, Netherlands, UK and from the USA we offer weekly co-load opportunities for automobiles. Less frequented destinations such as Italy, Spain, France, Black Sea and or Sweden are by demand. The transit time depends on the port of destination. Northern Europe has an average 4 weeks transit time. Urgent shipments can be arranged by 20’ single load or even airfreight.

Can you register or deregister the car for me?
We are sorry. Actually only the owner (export or importer) is authorized to register or deregister vehicles with the RTA.

Is it OK to leave personal belongings inside the car?
Basically you can do, however we need a content list and it is not insured, shipped on own risk. If you have valuable goods please ask for our attractive co-load rates in the same container. When shipping roll on/roll off it is always prohibited to leave anything inside.

Do I have to pay for storage?
For export, means if you deliver a car to our warehouse or we collect it there is no storage fee. Import vehicles are due to storage 6 days after unloading.

Do I have to pay duty and tax?
Unfortunately, all motor vehicles are due to 5% import duty/tax, even when the car has been registered under your name abroad and in connection with a relocation.

Can I take my car on a temporary basis to the UAE?
Tourists travelling in the United Arab Emirates or in transit to Oman or Iran are advised to get a Carnet de Passage avoiding to place a deposit of 5% of the cars value.