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Volkswagen e-up! – Best electric cars

Volkswagen e-up! - Best electric cars

The Volkswagen e-up! isn’t cheap – in excess of 19,000 following the 4,500 Government grant is deducted, it’s almost 5,000 greater than the same-spec but largerRenault Zoe.

But compared to other planet, it doesn’t shout about its zero emissions status. The only real features marking the e-up! out of the standard up! are a couple of C-formed Brought lights around the front, aero-optimised alloys and subtle VW badges presented in blue.

The center console and dash happen to be lifted straight from the regular model, therefore the easy-to-use controls are conversant.

Underneath the floor may be the 81bhp motor unit (which weighs 210kg). Because it sits between your axles, it doesn’t intrude on boot capacity, meaning 250 litres of bags space continues to be available.

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A variety of 93 miles on the full charge is really a fair chunk under you’d enter a conventionally powered city vehicle, but it’s about on componen with rivals. The e-up! can also be just like agile and playful because the gas-powered model, with nimble handling and minimal body roll in corners.

You’ll discover the regenerative brakes do grab just a little within the most aggressive from the five settings, however in stop-start traffic you barely need to touch the pedal when you appear the throttle.

The 2 eco modes available also aid boost range by restricting the ability offered by the motor unit.

Yet even if you select these, you’ll be difficult-pressed to note any significant alterations in the motor’s performance. Lightly squeeze the throttle and also the e-up! quietly surges away, as all 210Nm of torque can be obtained from the dead stop. The vehicle is eight-tenths faster from -62mph compared to 74bhp gas model, taking 12.4 seconds.

Although initial acceleration is nice, the e-up! starts to struggle beyond 40mph. Still, this isn’t a vehicle you want to capture around the freeway – top speed is really a reasonable 81mph, but the possible lack of an electric train engine note emphasises wind noise and steering wheel roar.

Happily, this vehicle thrives where it’s made to live – within the city. Should you regularly end up within an urban hurry hour, the e-up! is a perfect choice.

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